Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Stranger Passing Through...

I had a "Day After Monday" this week that was far superior in every imaginable way to its immediate predecessor.  Much of its success had to do with the fact that, literally and figuratively, I got it off on the right foot. 

My work day begins at or about 3:00 a.m., which is the time for which my alarm clock is usually set (although in the interest of full disclosure there are days on which I set it for 3:15 a.m.)  Yesterday, for reasons not entirely clear to me, I was wide awake by 2:30 or so.  For a few minutes I wrestled with the idea of remaining in the prone, non-upright position until my alarm clock officially announced the day's arrival.  But then, I decided against it. 

Instead, I got up, threw on some running clothes, went downstairs into the basement and ran a quick (for me) four miles on the treadmill.  I loathe running on a treadmill, which is why it is where I force myself to run during the week.  I view time spent on it as a necessity.  It is something akin to getting up and heading off to work in the morning.    The only time I permit myself to run in the great outdoors is on weekends.  Treadmill runs are sometimes tedious but I always get something out of them, even if I do not enjoy every moment of the experience.  

On the contrary, outdoor runs are glorious.  A feast for the senses as well as great exercise for my heart, my lungs and my legs.  They are, for me, a reward.  A reward for having survived another week earning my daily bread in the soul-sucking profession that is the practice of law.   And a pretty damn fine one if I do say so myself. 

So let the games start, you better run you little wild heart
You can run through the nights and all of the days
But just across the county line, 
A Stranger passing through put up a sign 
That counts the men fallen away to the price you pay,
and Girl before the end of the day,


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