Sunday, September 7, 2014

Life, Interrupted

The uncertainty of Life manifests itself in a horrible event such as September 11, 2001.  Rare is the person who awakens in the morning anticipating that the day he or she is just beginning shall be the last one of his or her life.  Yet, due to the actions of murderous cowards that terrible morning, it was in fact Life's last day for several thousand innocents.  And they were ripped away from their families, from those who loved them and who they loved most of all, with such force and such ferocity, that neither they nor those who loved them had any opportunity to prepare. 

David S. Lee of West Orange, New Jersey was murdered on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 as he worked at Fiduciary Trust International.  Mr. Lee, thirty-seven, was a Vice-President at the bank.  

Mr. Lee's wife, Angela, was three months' pregnant at the time of his death.  The child she carried was the couple's first.  To say that Mr. Lee was excited at the prospect of impending fatherhood would to be guilty of understatement.  According to Angela, he had already bought out every Warner Brothers Beanie Baby he could lay his hands on and would spend countless hours talking to his unborn son or daughter.  

The Lees were both Chinese and, according to Mrs. Lee, Chinese are not overly interested in the gender of an unborn child so neither she nor her husband knew - at the time of his death - whether she was carrying a girl or a boy.  She underwent a sonogram not too long after he died.  The Lees' first-born child - and the only one that they would be able to have - was a boy.  Said Mrs. Lee, "Under the circumstances, it is a joy that I am carrying a son." 

On the "Voices of 09/11 Living Memorial", Angela Lee wrote, "Honey, you are my hero.  I will love you.  Always."  

As heartbreaking and as beautiful an assemblage of ten words as I have ever read...  

...several months after his death, the Lees' son was born.  Angela Lee gave her boy the name his daddy had chosen for him, Ryan.


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