Sunday, September 28, 2014

Every Step We Take

It is Tunnel to Towers Sunday in New York City.  The 13th Annual New York City Tunnel to Towers Run shall begin this morning shortly after 9:30 am with thousands of runners, walkers and Wounded Warriors making the journey from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel into Lower Manhattan and, ultimately, finishing in the shadow of the World Trade Center.  

What the Siller family has done, creating something wonderful out of something horrific, remains beyond my limited ability to comprehend.  I do know that what they have done and what they continue to do to positively influence the lives of those who truly need assistance is nothing short of remarkable.  In doing so, they honor the memory of their brother Stephen and his 342 brothers of the FDNY who died in Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001 so that others would not. 

Today is the fifth consecutive time that Margaret, Gidg and I have experienced Tunnel to Towers Sunday.  It has been written that a picture's value is equal to that of one thousand words.  I presume that when the words are those of an idiot, the exchange rate is ratcheted up even higher in favor of the visual image.  

In the words of the great, under-appreciated Joe Jackson, "Here goes your proof"...

2010 Tunnel to Towers Run

Engine 202/Ladder 101 
Red Hook, Brooklyn

Starting Area 
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

2010 Sand Sculpture

2011 Tunnel to Towers Run

FDNY Memorial Wall 
Ten House

FDNY Members honoring the 343
View coming out of Battery Tunnel

Best Vanity License Plate Ever

2011 Sand Sculpture

2012 Tunnel to Towers Run 

Antoinette Duger, 
Cousin of my friend Gerard Gonnella

FDNY Fire Riders Motorcycle Club

2012 Sand Sculpture

2013 Tunnel To Towers Run

Full gear running through
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

FDNY Receiving Line 
Manhattan side of Tunnel

2013 Sand Sculpture


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