Monday, September 22, 2014

And Then There Was Six...

We mark the end of Summer today.  Autumn's arrival is upon us with tomorrow being the first full, twenty-four hour day of the season.  

I shall not clutter Summer's final hours with unnecessary words.  Instead, I shall say simply this.  On Summer's final Saturday, Sue's Crew VI celebrated the life - and honored the memory - of our namesake, Suzy B., with the largest turnout we have had in our six-year history.  In a year in which we also celebrated the life - and honored the memory - of the recently departed Diana "Hazel" Kizis, it seemed damn appropriate that our Crew was bigger than it had ever been.  

"Thank you" seems hopelessly and obviously inadequate to convey the appreciation that Margaret and I have to one and all who gave up a portion of their Saturday to be there for Suzy B., for Hazel and for us.  Regardless, "Thank you".  Very, very much...

Rosalita - Team Mascot

Connie, Jess and Zoe

Sue Kizis ("Gidg")



Kara ("Stella")


Maggie and Tammy


Jess and Zoe

My Gals:  Margaret and Suz


Margaret and Gidg showing off 
the Hazel "H"

The Crew


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