Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Prayer For Our Fallen Brothers & Sisters

Today is Bruce Springsteen's birthday.  The Poet Laureate of Freehold is sixty-five.  

Slightly more than thirteen years ago, on September 14, 2001, in the immediate aftermath all that had happened seventy-two hours earlier, he led off the nationally-televised "America:  A Tribute to Heroes" concert by dedicating to those killed on United Flight 93, at the Pentagon and at the World Trade Center a lyrical prayer that he had originally written for his adopted hometown of Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The following summer Springsteen released his first album in almost two decades with the E Street Band.   Almost a decade and a half later, there are songs from The Rising that resonate with me as deeply as they did when I first heard, if not deeper.  Yet, none of them has ever packed - for me - the same emotional wallop as the stark, sparsely arranged version of "My City of Ruins" that he played on that Friday night in September slightly more than thirteen years ago...  


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