Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Men of Engine 40, Ladder 35 - Part II

Bruce Gary was fifty-one years old when died in the line of duty on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  FF Gary was a member of Engine 40.   In "Firehouse", David Halberstam wrote of FF Gary's incredible physical prowess and his recognized  place atop the food chain in the firehouse.  FF Gary, divorced several years prior to his death, was a hands on, involved presence in the lives of his three children.  He raised the three of them alone after his divorce from their mother in 1991.  FF Gary lived in Bellmore, Long Island. When he completed his tours at Engine 40, he would head out to Bellmore where he worked as a plumber. He was, at the time of his death, the vice-president of the Bellmore Little League, a position he held for the final twelve years of his life.  

Jimmy Giberson was a firefighter and a member of Engine 35.  Less than one week prior to his death on September 11, 2001, FF Giberson celebrated his twentieth anniversary as a member of the FDNY.  He spent his entire career at Engine 35.  FF Giberson was survived by his wife of seventeen years, Susan, and the couple's three daughters, Erika, Kari and Sara.  He was as comfortable at home as the lone man in a household that included four women as he was in the all-male domain of the firehouse.  It was well-known among his colleagues that the only reason why he ever missed an outing or event at the firehouse was to cheer on his girls at one of their swim meets.  The people who live in the neighborhood of the 40/35 firehouse knew him as the gentle giant who always appeared to have time to help repair a child's bike chain or some such thing.  

Lieutenant John Ginley was only thirty-seven years old when he died on September 11, 2001.  For Lt. Ginley, the FDNY was the family business.  His father had been a member of the FDNY.  Three of Lt. Ginley's brothers were too.  Lt. Ginley was the ranking officer of Engine 40 on scene that morning.  Lt. Ginley was survived by his wife, April, and his two young children, his daughter Taylor and his son Connor. Both of Lt. Ginley's children were ten years old and younger at the time of their father's death.  

A hero has faced it all:
he need not be undefeated,
but he must be undaunted.
- Andrew Bernstein


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