Monday, August 4, 2014

Loathsome Day

I root for the American League entry in Major League Baseball - the Yankees.  That being said, I do not root against the Mets.  I simply do not have a great deal of interest in them.  Saturday night, however, after we came home from a very nice day spent in Staten Island enjoying the hospitality of Sallie Jo and Kevin, I flipped on ESPN and saw the ticker across the bottom of the screen announce that through six innings the Mets and the Giants were locked up in a dueling, dual no-hitter.  

Curiosity piqued I put the game on.  While neither pitcher ended up throwing a no-hitter, the youngster toeing the rubber for the Mets, rookie Jacob de Grom, emerged the winner.  Young man is one hell of a talent.  He was still throwing darts - 96 to 98 miles per hour - in the 8th inning on his way to winning his fifth straight decision.   As a Yankees fan, I wish he pitched his home games in the Bronx as opposed to in Queens.   One cannot have it all I suppose. 

Work interfered with this man's best-laid plans this weekend.  I had signed up to run in the Sea Girt 5K, which is one of my favorite races of the summer.  Rather than spending Saturday morning running in the rain in Sea Girt, I spent it in Parsippany listening to the rain bounce of my office's window.  There are days when I simply love being an attorney.  Well, no.  There are exactly zero days on which I love being an attorney.  I consider any day on which I do not loathe it to be a win.  Saturday was not one of those days. 

If you have not done so yet - and you are a fan of his music - then might I recommend that you pick up a copy of John Hiatt's new CD, Terms of My Surrender, at your earliest opportunity.  A simply terrific record.  On Friday, I happened to be in the neighborhood of a great little record store, Scotti's Record Shop, in Summit.  I walked in to buy just that one CD and walked out with it...and four others.  Ah, music.  It was nice to have new music to which to listen while I was soloing in the office on Saturday morning.  

It almost was enough to turn Saturday into a day unworthy of loathing.  Almost. 

Every now and then that has to be enough to count as a win. 


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