Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hangin' Tough

A good man celebrates a birthday today.  Doug Carroll  - my cross-the-street neighbor and fearless co-conspirator in all sorts of silly shit when we were kids living life in the pre-internet, no cable television late 70's through early 80's in bucolic Neshanic Station - turns forty-six today.  During the years that we lived across Wertsville Road from each other we were the undefeated champions of the neighborhood of just about every 2 vs. 2 athletic competition.  Poor Dave Purdy and Bill Boos never quite could figure out how to get the best of us in anything.  Did not keep them from trying.  And it did not keep the four of us from spending a hell of a lot of time outdoors together - irrespective of the weather - playing football, basketball and whatever the hell else we could figure out how to play to occupy the days of our childhood.  I have not seen Doug or spoken to him face-to-face in a quarter century at least.  Last I heard, he was married and living in or near Saint Louis, Missouri.  Wherever he is, I hope his birthday is a happy one. 

And I hope that Mother Nature is treating him a bit better than the old gal has been treating us in the State of Concrete Gardens these past couple of days.  So far this summer the weekends have been consistently excellent weather-wise.  Here is to hoping that this one is simply the exception that proves the rule as opposed to being a portent of things to come.  It has been a messy couple of days 'round here.  It is what it is.  Maybe it is nothing more than a reflection upon the type of curmudgeonly prick I am but as long as you have a roof over your head and the means to keep yourself relatively comfortable irrespective of the temperature (heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer) then you need to pull up your big boy pants and eat a hearty helping of "STFU" when it comes to dealing with the weather. 

I exempt from that - of course - those whose livelihoods are dependent either in significant part or in whole upon the weather.  Losing money because your business cannot operate and/or you cannot work due to certain weather conditions is a legitimate gripe.  Having a "Bad Hair Day" is not.  It is the kind of douchey behavior that is likely to sentence you to having to serve as the special guest referee for the return slap fight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber.  

It likely is a reaction shared by exactly no one to seeing that video, but the first thing I thought of watching those two "combatants" go at it was the scene towards the end of The Social Network where Eduardo realizes that Zuckerberg and Parker have screwed him out of the company and immediately before he is escorted out of the building he feints throwing a punch at Parker, who recoils in fear.  It sets up Eduardo's best line of the film,  "I like standing next to you Sean.  It makes me look so tough." 

Looking tough.  Huh.  Maybe that is why every time I see that little Bieber puss on television he is surrounded by a legion of hardass wannabes.  They are all just lining up for the opportunity to look tough.     

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