Friday, July 18, 2014

Tuxedo Junction

On this very date, twenty-two years ago, two of the finest people I know, the former Christine Hoffman and the now (and always) David Joy were married.  They were married on a historically hot day in a historical (code for "non-airconditioned") little church in Vermont.  Had Doc Rud been aware of this place's capacity to hold heat and to induce perspiration he would have made his wrestlers in need of rapid weight loss spend their summer months there. 

It has been my great privilege and pleasure for too many years to count to have both of them refer to me as 'friend'.  It was my great honor to have stood up next to Dave as his Best Man.  In the interest of full disclosure given that he is almost a foot taller than I am, one had to not only look to Dave's right but also cast one's view downward perceptibly to see me. 

Christine and David's wedding remains the only one at which anyone has ever asked me to stand as the Best Man, a disclosure that I presume is of as little surprise to you as it is to me.  In my defense, I would point out that today is their 22nd anniversary.  Clearly, I did one hell of a job.  Then again, I suppose that they have had at least a bit more to do with their own success than I did. 

All these years later  I smile still at the memories of that day - and really of that entire weekend.  I think of David's mother, Mary, who had morphed effortlessly into the role of "Surrogate Mom" for me and for the third member of our little triumvirate of terror - Andy McElroy - when David and I were matriculating our way through our college years.  David lost his mom not too terribly long ago, which loss I am certain stings every day.  I hope that today though he can think of not only how great a day his wedding day was for him and for Christine but for their parents as well.  The ratification of a job well done on both parts if you will.  As a father who has lived that moment not one time - but two - within the past twelve months I can state with some confidence that it is as special a feeling as a parent can have.  

My congratulations to Christine and David on the journey they have made together to date.  My best wishes to them for continuing success on the journey to come.  They have earned it.  And they most certainly deserve it. 


I see my friends these days considerably less than I would prefer - and given my effect on most other people probably just about as little as they would like to make them perfectly content.  I am happy, though, to have had the opportunity to have seen them on that blazing hot July Saturday 

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