Friday, July 25, 2014

The Rough-Knuckled Knock of Opportunity

Opportunity is missed by most People
Because it is dressed is Overalls
And looks like Work.
- Thomas A. Edison

This time next week it shall be August 1.  Summer shall cease to be measured in months but instead in ever-diminishing increments starting with weeks.  Look backwards briefly to see how many of the opportunities you vowed to avail yourself of this summer as you stood sucking down a Summer Shandy at a Memorial Day picnic you have in fact followed through on now that Memorial Day and Independence Day are images in your rear-view mirror that are not in fact closer than they appear to be.  Look ahead to the weeks and days that remain available to you to accomplish them.  Determine what you must do in order to ensure that they, too, do not become fodder for Whittier's saddest words of tongue and pen.  

More than ever look inward.  The person most responsible for your success and your failure in this life is you.  Among the many things that sometimes makes me want to go door-to-door punching those among our number who have raised "Victimization" to an art form is the failure - or perhaps the refusal - of those who love to groan aloud, "Why me?" to never pose that question to themselves.  Ask the reflection in the bathroom mirror at whose feet the responsibility for that should be placed.  Keep your head up straight and your eyes fixed straight at the glass in anticipation of the answer. 

Try to do it without flinching.  It may be tough medicine to take but that does not mean that you should not swallow it.  


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