Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The French Connection

I make a conscious effort to not delve into things political in this space.  I do so for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that I cling stubbornly to the life lesson imparted to me by my father a lifetime ago regarding one's politics being one's business.  I also do so for what to me is an equally important reason.  I do not choose my friends nor those with whom I have congenial, professional relationships by virtue of political affiliation.  I care less that one is a DEM or a REP and significantly more that one is an AHOLE.  News flash!  Neither of the first two has a monopoly on the third. 

I, in fact, categorize it among my pet peeves the sense of duty pretty much everyone else on the planet has to publicly proclaim his/her political affiliation while simultaneously attempting to use it to beat you about the head and neck.  A man who I have known for most of my life - although I have not seen him in more than thirty years - and who was significantly smarter than I was when were both much younger men and remains significantly far ahead of me presently - has said it much better than I ever could.   He sums up one of the issues plaguing we the people of these United States thusly: 

Gullible American voters have become conditioned to think of politics
 As nothing more than a contact sport, a mean-spirited game,
Instead of a vital and representative means of identifying
and implementing solutions to the country's problems.

That Jeremy West is a smart son of a bitch.  Always was.  Still is.  Regardless of what animal mascot to which you worship, you and I need to pay more attention to him and people like him - who mean what they say and say what they mean...even when it might not make him "popular" with everyone who knows him.  Too damn bad that presently he is an American who calls France his home.

Wonder if we can trade them Jerry Lewis for him?  Cannot hurt to ask. 


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