Monday, July 14, 2014

Sweat Equity

Saturday was this year's edition of the Belmar Five Mile Run.  While it was a few degrees cooler than it has been for past editions of this event, Belmar's weather on Saturday featured a heavy dose of its almost-impossibly thick air.  And while Your truly did not run my best race - not even very close as a matter of fact - it was one hell of a terrific day. 

Margaret and I made the trek to Belmar as we always do with Gidg and Jeff.  This year, again, we were fortunate to see my old high school friend Jerry Della Torre.  As a tremendous bonus, Kara and Russ came to Belmar this year with Jordan and two of the youngsters who run for Russ on his high school cross country team.  Finally, this year our effort was headlined by our rookie of the year - Brooke.  She made the 2014 edition her maiden voyage in the Belmar Five and her husband Mike accompanied her - and accompanied Margaret, Kara and Jordan in cheering for one and all as we ran past.  

At about the three and one-half mile mark the Golden Gazelle - Brooke - ran past this old man as if I was standing still.  And ahead of me was where she stayed for the remainder of the face, finishing a comfortable forty-five seconds ahead.  Jerry and Russ did what Jerry and Russ do in a race of this distance, which is finished about ten minutes ahead of the rest of us.  But all of us finished what we started.  And that, in and of itself, made the race a success.  

But what made the day a success was the chance to do all of it in the company of family and friends.  Every summer, the Belmar Five Mile Run is among my favorite things to do for just that reason.  While there are years such as this one when my result is not what I had hoped, the day never disappoints.  


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