Thursday, July 24, 2014

Present Tense

The Kenny Sextet is - in actuality - something more akin to two trios.  Bill, Evan and Kelly represent the first set of three while Kara, Jill and the big-headed teller of this tale comprise the second.  There is a gap in ages between Kelly and Kara that is greater than the gap between Kara and me.  I would tell a joke right here about Mom and Dad needing to catch their breath after Kel's arrival but I absorbed more than my share of Charlie Horses from my big brother when I was a little boy to even think with screwing with him now.  

Today is Kara's birthday.  My sister is one of the world's truly good souls.  She possesses an ability to divine the good out of anyone.  It is a gift that is so alien to my DNA - and to Jill's too - that when we were all kids growing up in the same house Jill and I used to wonder how it was that all three of us shared the same parents.  Easiest way to explain it I suppose is that when they were slapping together our respective genetic material, Kara got a far bigger helping of "Mom" than "Dad".  I, on the other hand...let us just say that at some point that "heavy pour" had to be compensated for and I have a pretty goddamn good idea just where that occurred.  

Stel might be one of the easiest people ever for whom to root.  The next bad turn she does to another member of global tribe shall be her first.  I believe firmly that this planet is occupied by two distinct groups of people.  Those who do not know my sister Kara and those who are beyond pleased that they do.  

It is an accident of birth that I have occupied space in the latter group since time immemorial and shall never have to give it up.  Happy Birthday Stel...

...may it be the day that you deserve.  

Wish big! 


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