Saturday, July 5, 2014

Never Broken & Never To To Be Forgotten

"Hero" is a word that most assuredly gets used more often than it should in everyday conversation.  However in the case of Louis Zamperini it was never overused.  Not once.  Not ever. 

On Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - at the age of ninety-seven - and having battled hard against pneumonia, Louis Zamperini died.  A man who on significantly more than one occasion in his long life was bowed, bloodied and bruised died as he had lived:  Unbroken. 

Given that we are now waist-deep in the Independence Day Holiday weekend, and given that far few people alive are lazier than I am, I use this space today to reprint something that appeared in it not too very long ago.  Consider it, if you will, my tribute to an American Hero.  And whatever failings you find with it - and there shall be many (of that I am confident) - attribute them to its author and not to its subject:

May Peace find Louis Zamperini.  He most certainly earned his right to it.

"Unbroken" -
Opens on Christmas Day 2014


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