Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Great Day For Waffles...

I am Irish.  Therefore, I am not an optimist by nature.  Truth be told, I pride myself on being a realist.  It is a trait that makes me far more often than not someone other than the 'go to' guy at cocktail parties.  Well, it is one of the traits. 

But I digress.

Today I shall be one of the countless millions of American soccer fans who shall root, root, root for the home team in its Round of 16 game against Belgium.  A win today puts the United States through to the quarterfinals on Saturday.  A loss today puts the United States on a flight home from the 2014 World Cup.  All things considered, methinks that our team would much rather have to celebrate July 4th on foreign soil than be home with their families and friends. 

A win today would not be remarkable but it would certainly be a surprise.  On paper, Belgium is favored to defeat the United States and advance to the quarterfinals.  Soccer, of course, is not a sport played on paper.  Once the whistle blows and the first half starts, paper is crumpled up and thrown out.  

We play today.  We win today.  

Here's to hoping...


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