Monday, June 9, 2014

Whilst You May Have Been Otherwise Engaged

I know not the amount of content that filled your last seven-day period but Yours truly has had a blissfully busy last week or so.  Between Jess/Rob's wedding and all related activities and the beginning of the Stanley Cup Finals (oh yeah and the preparation for a trial that may start this morning in Middlesex County) I have been fairly well occupied.  Good stuff to be sure but attention-consuming stuff as well. Consequently certain things that briefly caught my eye as they happened had escaped comment here.  Up until right now.

Last Monday morning, it was announced that Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback and recently deposed CBS broadcaster Dan Marino was one of fifteen former NFL players who had joined one of the "concussion" lawsuits filed against the NFL.   Last Tuesday morning, Marino (through his attorneys) announced that he was withdrawing his name from the lawsuit.  The claim from #13's camp was that his name had been joined to the lawsuit "in error".  As someone who has spent two decades defending lawsuits of one type or another, I must confess that "inadvertent plaintiff" is not a concept with which I have had to wrestle often.  And by often, I mean ever. 

Be that as it may, last Tuesday afternoon Marino declared that he never had suffered a concussion while playing in the NFL and has not experienced any concussion-like symptoms in the years since he retired.  Hmmm...I presume he was exempting his actions from the preceding twenty-four hour period from his proffer. 

Full disclosure:  I am a registered Republican.  Full disclosure, part two:  I did not vote in last Tuesday's primary election, which included four Republican candidates vying for the right to run against former Newark Mayor Cory Booker in November.  Booker won the Special Election last year to complete the term of the late Frank Lautenberg and is now seeking his own first, full six-year term in the United States Senate.  The Republican race was apparently fairly closely contested.  The winner?  Jeffrey Bell.  Bell was last seen in these parts getting his electoral ass kicked by then first-time candidate Bill 1978. 

This is the best the New Jersey Republican Party has to offer?  Really?  I suppose it could have been worse.  The weekend before the election I heard a radio spot from one of Bell's opponents, Richard Pezzullo.  Holy shit.  A more terrifying thirty seconds I have not spent in a long, long time.  Pezzullo finished second in the four-man field.  His place in the final standings says something I am sure about my fellow Jersey Republicans.  What it is frightens me more than just a little bit. 

Apparently the Statute of Limitations on time spent in exile after an Election Day beating is thirty-six years.  Good news I suppose for one-time Essex County Executive Peter Shapiro.  Shapiro had the misfortune of being out of the room when the State Democratic Party met to decide who was going to get crushed by Tom Kean when our then-Governor ran for reelection.  Thus, it was Shapiro who in 1985 played the part of Barbara Buono to Kean's Chris Christie in the Gubernatorial Election.  He is eligible to resurface in 2021.

Which means that here in the State of Concrete Gardens we are "Babs-free" 'til 2049.  And that is not a bad way to be especially if you are - as I am - of an age now where you do not reasonably anticipate being upright by the middle of this century. 

I almost hope I do make it to 2049.  The Bell vs. Buono tilt will be one for the ages.  "Loser-Take-All" for the first time in American political history...

...on second thought, a toe tag with a "2048" date scribbled on it seems like a much smoother way to go.   


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