Saturday, June 21, 2014

Where Our Sins Are All Forgiven

"We bury our sins here, Dave.
We wash them clean."
-Jimmy Markum
(Mystic River)

To celebrate the arrival of Summer here in the State of Concrete Gardens, on this very night (OK, we are likely heading south not later than mid-afternoon) my baby and me are indeed gonna ride to the sea.  Hand-washing shall undoubtedly be included but merely because we are both sticklers about hygiene.  I long ago abandoned any hope that enough water can be channeled my direction to ever wash my accrued sins off of my hands. 

As of right now, I know not what this afternoon and evening's weather shall bring to the Shore.  It matters little - if at all (although it might impact upon my Frog Bog time).  Margaret and I shall this evening do what I find too damn difficult to do any year in which our anniversary falls during the work week, which is celebrate it.  Sorry.  2:45 AM simply comes too f*cking early. 

However your day is to be spent I hope it is at least in the company of one other who you love very much and who feels similarly about you.  And I hope at least a portion of it is spent outdoors.  Today is the Summer Solstice after all.  Squeeze every moment you can out of our hemisphere's longest day of the year.  From this point forward - even on the hot, hazy days of July and August - we begin the slow, inexorable march towards Winter.

That is a discussion for another day.  Today - officially - summer is here.  And I do not have to tell you what that means do I?

Until tomorrow then...

"Racing in the Street" - Houston, Texas 1978
(in honor of the return to New Jersey of the daughter
f/k/a "The Texas Tornado")


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