Sunday, June 29, 2014

Recalculating the Lowest Common Denominator

So there he was on a water bed,
Readin' an airport novelette.
Listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Requiem".
He said before it had really begun,
"I prefer the one about my Son.
I've been wading through all this unbelievable junk
And wondering if I should have just given the world
to the Monkeys.
- "God's Comic"
Elvis Costello 

A particularly disturbing bit of business occurred this past week here within the geographical boundaries of the State of Concrete Gardens.  A woman named Latia Harris viciously assaulted another woman, Catherine Ferreira, which assault allegedly was the result of some workplace gossip directed at Ms. Harris that Ms. Ferreira had either initiated or participated in a couple of weeks earlier.

Having simmered over this particular slight for the past couple of weeks, this past Tuesday afternoon Ms. Harris decided to act upon her rage.  As Ms. Ferreira and her two-year-old son walked through a park that connects the McDonald's in Salem City (where Ms. Harris worked and where apparently until recently where Ms. Ferreira also worked) with the apartment complex where Ms. Ferreira and her son live, Ms. Harris approached Ms. Ferreira from behind.  Once she caught up with her, she commenced to beating the hell out of her.  And no, I am not exaggerating.  Not even a little:

As disturbing as the actions of the thugette Ms. Harris are - and I invite you - Hell I double dog dare you to offer justification for what she is shown doing - it is the actions of those who witnessed this beatdown that remind me just why I prefer the company of dogs to that of humans.   

The video itself was shot via a cellphone or some such device by one of the several young adults and/or full-sized adults who witnessed the attack.  As the video follows the action, its creator captures more than one other budding Scorcese in the crowd with her or her cellphone at the ready.  No one is dialing 911 of course.  After all, why would someone witnessing a vicious assault in broad daylight use a phone they have at the ready to call for help...when that someone could use it to get a video recording of the assault to post on-line.  

One person at the scene came to Ms. Ferreira's defense while she was defenseless on the ground getting punched, kicked, slapped and for good measure spat upon by Ms. Harris.  Unfortunately that one person was her two-year-old son.  For his troubles, he himself was threatened with bodily harm by Ms. Harris.  Comforting to know what an equal opporunity piece of garbage she is.  Not one of the persons who bore witness to this assault either attempted to intervene - even if just to pull Ms. Harris away from Ms. Ferreira - or called 911 to get law enforcement personnel and medical assistance to the scene.  

It has been said that all that separates us human beings from the rest of the Animal Kingdom is our ability to think and our super-cool, wholly functional thumbs.  For all of you assholes who stood around on Tuesday night in that park in Salem City "Ooohing" and "Aaahing" as if you had ringside seats to a WWE Main Event while one woman brutalized another, may you never again leave the house without wearing a pair of hockey gloves.  You can ill afford a thumb injury.  

Even worse than the painfully obvious inability all of the moron collective who gathered in the park on Tuesday night to watch a spontaneous performance of "Fight Club" to think is their equally obvious inability to feel.  A condition precedent to being a member of the human race is being able to act like a human being.  The people who stood around on Tuesday night in that park in Salem County and whose first thought was "Holy Shit I have to capture this on video so I can post it on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube and see how many hits I get!" as opposed to "Holy Shit, I have to call 911!" demonstrated an abject failure to meet that critically important condition precedent. 

Their actions were despicable...  

...but it is the utterly predictable nature of them that is significantly more troubling. 


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