Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lathered Up

One of the greatest honors of my life - right alongside being able to identify myself as Margaret's husband - is being able to identify myself as a father to two extraordinary human beings.  Suzanne and Rob are both fortunate in that neither is afflicted by my DNA.  After all, just how many jumbo-size headed, epileptic misanthropes does any one family need?  I would like to think though that over the course of the past quarter century or so - since our little quartet took our first nascent steps towards familyhood - some benefit has been visited upon them by the environment in which they were raised.  On at least one occasion or perhaps two. 

Fatherhood is a job that I know that I, for one, have always had more enthusiasm than ability.  It is a job though in which I think enthusiasm makes up for a number of shortcomings.  My career as an attorney was just starting to really percolate when Suzanne and Rob were in the latter stages of grammar school and in high school.  There were a lot of "things" therefore to which I bore no witness.  Yet some of my happiest memories of their childhoods are the seasons I spent on the bench during either basketball season or softball season helping coach whatever team on which one of them was a member.  The fact that each of them has grown into a fully functional, exceptional adult human is to the credit of two individuals:  themselves and their mother.  Somebody had to drive the car and in the words of the great Dustin Hoffman, "I'm an excellent driver."

For my brothers, my father-in-law Joe, my brothers-in-law, Rick Aldrich, Joe Lipman and all of the other dads out there doing what it is we all do today and every day I say simply this:  Keep up the good work.  Irrespective of their age, your children shall continue to reflect the best of you in their day-to-day.  You taught them well.  Remember too that much like a story, the lessons never end.  Neither those you teach them nor those they teach you. 

Splash some cold water on your face and towel off.  Winning the day today is great but it is what it is, which is its own reward.  Tomorrow is another day.  Yet another opportunity to break out the shaving mug and lather up.  

Happy Father's Day...


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