Thursday, June 26, 2014

It All Goes By So Fast

An American treasure, Pete Hamill, turned seventy-nine on Tuesday.  In his simply gorgeous work, Downtown:  My Manhattan, which should be an immediate addition to your bookshelf if it is not already there, he observed that "Time itself is long, even if the time of Man is short."   That is true even if man himself is short.  Or if he earns his living playing short.  Shortstop that is.

In this - the final season of his Hall-of-Fame career manning the position once made famous by the Scooter and Bucky "F*cking" Dent - Derek Jeter today celebrates his fortieth birthday.  Jeter is forty.  Great, as if you, me and the rest of the world do not feel old enough already every day as we drag our asses out of bed and go off to work, we now have to welcome Jeter to Club Forty.  How the hell did that happen? 

At season's end, those of us who root, root, root for the Bronx's best apostles shall bid farewell to Jeter as a player.  His career in the rear-view mirror, he certainly appears to have a whole lot of life left to live thereafter.  Contrary to what is written on the back pages of the Daily News and the Post, at age forty Jeter is still a young man.  His time on the stage known as Yankee Stadium is drawing to a close but one hopes that his time left to spend on the much bigger stage of Life has many, many years to run. 

In Downtown:  My Manhattan Hamill wrote that, "Sentimentality is always about a lie.  Nostalgia is about real things gone.  Nobody truly mourns a lie."  A distinction worth remembering any day.

Including today.


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