Saturday, June 7, 2014

California Dreamin'

In 1978 a 3 year-old thoroughbred named Affirmed won horse racing's Triple Crown.  His triumph followed on the heels (or hooves I suppose) of Seattle Slew's in 1977 and that of the great Secretariat in 1973.  I was eleven years old.  I thought that a horse winning the Triple Crown was an annual rite of passage - much like Yankees fans such as my son who came of baseball-rooting age in the late 1990's thought the Yankees winning the World Series was an annual rite of Autumn.  At least until Luis Gonzalez came along.  

I know not why it is that no horse has captured the Triple Crown since Affirmed stuck his nose out in front of that of his great rival Alydar at Belmont Park on June's first Saturday thirty-six years ago.  I know simply that none has.  And I know that today, in the late afternoon/early evening of a New York City Saturday night California Chrome shall look to bring a halt to the three and one-half decade long drought.  

It is not possible that any person alive knows less about horse racing than I do.  My ignorance shall not stop me from cheering full throat for Chrome (all of his friends call him by just one name) to complete his mission and capture this year's Triple Crown.  Truth be told, I would root for him to win even if he was not going for the Triple Crown.  I, too, use Breath-Right strips to help me breathe - and to keep me from snoring.  I have a soft spot in my heart for any steed that is similarly nasally compromised...  

...especially since he has a bigger head than even I do. 


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