Sunday, June 1, 2014

Brightening The Space Between

Among the many things that I love about my soon to be daughter-in-law Jess - and I assure you that there are many - is one for which it is actually her mom Denise and her dad Joe who deserve all the credit.  That would be, of course, her date of birth.

Today is Jess's birthday.  On the date that she arrived a number of Junes ago, neither Jess nor her parents could have predicted that one day - when she was all grown up - she would meet and fall in love with a young man in whose family the date on which she was born would be especially significant.  She did.  And it is. 

Yesterday, May 31st, was the thirty-third anniversary of the date of the death of my father - a grandfather dead and buried long before Rob was born.  Tomorrow, June 2nd, is the fifth anniversary of the date of the death of Margaret's mom - the one and only Suzy B. - who was a constant presence in Rob's life from the day he was born up until the day she died.  For a long time -and especially so in the past five years - these couple of days have been among the toughest on the familial calendar. 

Now, however, right between these two less-than-ideal days is a day that is worthy of celebration this year and every year.  What better way to restore one's emotional equilibrium than to toast the birthday of one you love and one who represents a significant piece of the future of your family?  If there is anything better, at this moment it eludes me.  

Happy Birthday Jess.  Thank you for being a part of Rob's life and by extension a part of the life lived by the Missus and me.  Once upon a lifetime ago someone much wiser than I observed that timing is indeed everything.  Indeed it is.  

Indeed it is.  


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