Tuesday, June 3, 2014

As Seger Says

Tomorrow evening - for the first time in twenty years - the New York Rangers will lace up their skates and participate in a Stanley Cup Finals game.  Ice hockey.  Ice hockey in June.   Ice hockey in June in Los Angeles.  Who'd have thunk it? 

Bob Seger once posed the question, "Twenty years, where'd they go?"  A lot of Rangers fans, including Yours truly, would likely answer that question in the same manner that Mr. Seger, himself, did "I don't know." 

What outcome awaits the Broadway Blueshirts I know not.  I know that to win they shall have to play their best hockey of a season that began before Columbus Day and may not end until Father's Day.  It has been one hell of a long ride thus far.  And worth it.  Worth every damn bit of it. 

There is a sense of pride inherent in those of us who have - for better (and far more often than not) for worse - been Rangers fans for the entirety of our lives.  We root for them not because it is easy but because it is anything but.  We root for them knowing that the team we love is far more likely to break our heart than it is to bring us joy.  We root for them because we know that irrespective of the outcome, the men wearing the sweater fight like hell for one another all the while playing their asses off to honor the name on the front.  Results are often beyond their control.  Maximum effort never is. 

If this magical run through the playoffs should culminate in the Rangers being the only team that notches sixteen playoff wins, which total would serve to transform the streets of Lower Manhattan into the Canyon of Heroes, then I just might have to play hooky from work in order to enjoy the frivolity from an up close and personal perspective.  Here is to hoping it does and knowing that whether it does or not this has indeed been one hell of a ride. 

Let's Go Rangers!


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