Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another June. Another Groom.

It was twenty years and fifty weeks ago today that the great love of my life, Margaret, bestowed upon me the great gift of becoming my bride.  Tomorrow evening she and I shall bear witness to our son, Rob, marry Jess.  She is the great love of his life. 

In the weeks leading up to tomorrow, the Missus has unearthed a treasure trove of photographs.  There are any number of them that resonate in the little charcoal briquette in my chest that masquerades as my heart.  One of them in particular seems appropriate today. 

Rob and Adam
June 19, 1993

As happy as I was on that June day a lifetime ago to have Rob standing with me when Margaret and I married, that joy pales in comparison to that which I am feeling now - and shall feel tomorrow evening - at the thought of witnessing him exchange his wedding vows with Jess. 

I buried my father when he was still a young man and when I was, relatively speaking, a child.  WPK, Sr. fathered three sons and he did not bear witness to any of our wedding days.  I have but one son.  Tomorrow evening I shall bear witness to him getting married.  It is a source of joy that far exceeds my limited gift of expression.  

Another June.  Another Groom...

...because something worth doing is certainly worth repeating. 


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