Saturday, June 28, 2014

An Asterisk

If you believe not in the alacrity with which Time moves, then you are likely not taken aback at all by the fact that we have arrived already at the final weekend of June.  Is it possible that my son and his beautiful bride have been married for three weeks already?  It is not only possible it is in fact what has transpired.  Forgive me, therefore, when you and I part company over the speed with which Time travels on its winged feet. 

In two days we shall have reached the halfway point of 2014.  Already?  I had not even finished making all of the resolutions that I intended to break this year and half of the fucker has already blown past me.  By this time next week, the 4th of July shall be in the rear-view mirror too.  It is as if every time I turn around someone has ratcheted up the RPM at which Time moves another hair or two.    

So on this - the final Saturday of June - unless you have developed the technology that actually enables you to harness time, waste not more one minute of it here.   I shall not.

Same as it ever was...


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