Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where The Streets Have No Name...

This evening - weather permitting - I shall bop on over to Somerville to take part in the Legal Runaround 5K.  It is a nice event.  It is a 5K race that takes place in the neighborhood in Somerville that is home to the Somerset County Court House.  This is, I believe, the fifth year in a row that I have signed up to run in this event.  To date, however I have actually only participated in it twice. 

Weather impacts this event more than any of the other events in which I participate.  The first year I took part, as we gathered at the starting line it was a hot, humid but precipitation-free evening.  Less than ten minutes later, just after I had passed by the 1 mile marker, the skies darkened ominously (think "moonless night in middle of forest" dark), thunder clapped, lightning struck and rain fell with ferocity not seen since Noah cleared space for the second zebra on his big wooden ship.  Almost instaneously a 5K race turned into a mini-dualathlon:  1 mile run followed by 2.1 mile swim.  It was not as much fun as it sounds, I assure you.

Following that maiden voyage (pun intended) I have become a bit more attuned to the effect weather has on this particular event.  Last year, as I drove home from the office to get changed for the race it poured non-stop the entire trip.  It continued to rain right up to the time I had planned to leave to drive over to Somerville.  I ran that night.  Downstairs on the treadmill in my basement.  I had not left myself sufficient time to add "Struck by Lightning" to my bucket list.

For the sake of the good people at the Somerset County Bar Foundation,, whose event this is and all of the good people who benefit from the Bar Foundation's good works, I hope Mother Nature cooperates.  Her track record is spotty at best. 

If she does then I will lace up the old running shoes and run as fast as they shall carry me.  I know of course that it shall not be nearly fast enough to keep my longtime friend Beth (who lives with her husband in one of the houses along the race course) from shouting out something inspirational as I run past.  I cherish her support.  Two years ago, she shouted out, "C'mon Adam, run like you are using both of your legs!" 

You cannot put a price on that type of friendship.  Try as you might. 


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