Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Place Where Liberty Dwells

Where Liberty dwells,
There is my Country.
- Benjamin Franklin

Today is Armed Forces Day.  I have never served in a branch of this nation's armed forces.  I am proud to be the brother, nephew, uncle and cousin of ones who have done so.  I am fortunate enough to enjoy the rights and privileges of living in a Republic preserved in no small part by those who have served and those who continue to serve.  Those rights and privileges are things that I enjoy every day. 

On this, the day set aside on the calendar to thank those who serve and those who have served for their service, I add my voice to the chorus of "Thanks" that you shall hear.  And I add mine as well to the chorus of "I'm sorry" that you should hear as well from those of us, including Yours truly, who wait for a Day such as Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day or Veterans Day to thank you for all you do every day. 

Your service is not provided merely when there is a special occasion.  Neither should this nation's appreciation for that service be reserved for designated spaces on the calendar.  


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