Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Inescapable Swirl

I loathe those things over which I am impotent to exert any control.  I make a dreadful passenger in anyone's automobile and similarly have been reported as scoring something short of being an "Absolute Delight to Sit Next To" on the passenger scorecards passed out by the crew at the successful conclusion of most commercial flights.  The Lord and I have an understanding.  I have no time for misplaced faith in him.  I place all of mine squarely on the fellow whose gaze meets mine in the bathroom mirror every morning. 

This past weekend was - for the most part - delightful.  It was not however without its less than ideal moments.  Saturday morning, the Missus woke up in 'Squan, put both feet on the floor next to the bed and promptly fell back into it.  Her issue was not fatigue or residual intoxication.  Rather, for reasons that escaped her and scared the bejeebers out of me she simply was too dizzy to remain upright.  One of us voted for an immediate trip to a hospital or some such place for treatment.  The other, being a stubborn Italian woman, refused. 

When Saturday's early-morning awakening returned for an encore on Sunday, Margaret's opinion on the matter no longer concerned me.  Thus, over her protests we drove over to Somerset Medical Center where we proceeded to spend the next several hours.  The nurses with whom we interacted and the physician to whom her case was assigned struck me as being more than merely competent - although my comfort level with them was raised significantly by the fact that they ordered the battery of tests that I wanted them to order. 

The discharge diagnosis was Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  While I know less about science and medicine than any person in the Northern Hemisphere, the little I do know involves knowing just how nice it is to see the word "Benign" prominently displayed as the first word in the title of what is presently tormenting my wife.  I am frustrated over my own inability to do anything to keep it away from her.  I am equally frustrated by my own inability to make it better.  But for my ability to drive the car from our home to the Emergency Department at Somerset Medical Center without incident I would be of zero value to her altogether. 


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