Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The First Sign of Summer

It arrived in my mail on Monday.  And it brought with it irrefutable proof of Summer's arrival. 

The Bib # refers to my anticipated finishing position
and the "TS" signifies that I am "Too Slow"...
(I'm kidding - at least I hope I am)

Yes, I know the Summer Solstice is six weeks away but if you really think that summer begins on the 21st of June then might I suggest that you open up your eyes and look around you between this day and that day.  You are missing a hell of a lot. 

Saturday, May 24, which is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, shall be the annual Spring Like Five.  A five-mile race through the streets of Spring Lake in which an intimate crowd of approximately 10,000 runners shall take part.  It is a rite of Summer.  It is the event that - for those of us who run at least - heralds Summer's arrival at the Shore.  

Here in the State of Concrete Gardens we have had our asses handed to us fairly severely these past two winters.  There are too many good folks to count who are still trying to pick themselves up from Sandy, which Margaret and I had a chance to see for ourselves when we meandered through Mantoloking and Bay Head a couple of Saturdays ago.  Summer has taken on increased significance in the hearts and minds of those of us who live 'round here these past couple of years.   

It is the season in which the days are long, the evenings are warm and the time, of course, is right...


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