Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Best Pick of The Night

I love sports.  Football is a sport that I especially enjoy watching.  That being said, scant few things mystify me as much as the interest level in the made-for-television event that is the NFL Draft.  I find it almost mind-boggling that anyone willingly devotes a night (or two or three as I think it actually continues through today) to watch it on television.  It is wholly beyond my ability to comprehend that there are individuals who dress up in their full NFL battle attire and attend it.   Why one chooses to spend hours watching a process in which one can learn all one needs to know in less than sixty seconds either at night's end or - wait for it - the following day eludes me.  On a baseline level, I feel that any event that has elevated Mel Kiper, Jr. to a position of authority needs to re-examine itself.  Quickly.  

Regardless of my incredible lack of interest in watching the event, I know there are countless people who enjoy it.  Among their number are people who it has been my privilege to know and to count as my friend (well, up until a paragraph ago perhaps) for most of my life.  My lack of interest in it does not impact their enjoyment of it.  Likewise their enjoyment of it impacts not at all upon my point of view.  Obla di obla da indeed.

For those of you who might have missed it - eyeballs glued as they were as to the eventual landing spot of Johnny Football - allow me to share with you a bit of "war room" footage of the single best pick of the night: 

Television being what it is - and with CBS having renewed The Big Bang Theory for three more seasons, methinks that Johnny Manziel's path to success in the NFL might run far smoother than Penny and Leonard's path from engagement to wedding day.  On the other hand, if his time in Cleveland comes anywhere close to approximating the level of success that TBBT has enjoyed on CBS, then the good folks who root like hell for the Browns - irrespective of how bad things get on the field - just might have something for which to cheer.   

No offense intended to Mike Mayock, Chris Berman and draftniks everywhere.  This old man enjoys watching NFL Football just fine, thank you very much.  But if you ask me with whom I would rather spend a Thursday night in May - Kaley Cuoco or Johnny Manziel - and you really need to wait for my answer to that question, then might I suggest that you have taken a snap or two too many without your chinstrap properly secured. 

See you in September NFL...

...when the games actually start being played.  


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