Sunday, May 11, 2014

"M" is for Mother

That best Academy,
a Mother's knee.
- James Russell Lowell

Today is Mother's Day.  To the simply extraordinary Joanie K., the three daughters she raised, the three daughters-in-law she acquired along the way (all of whom are equally extraordinary mothers and in some cases grandmothers!) and mothers near, far and everywhere in between, may this day find you well and in the company of those you love and those who love you. 

Having been at the Dad business for more than two decades now, I remain firmly wedded to the idea that in any household that has two parents, Mom's day-to-day dwarfs Dad's.  Admittedly, the only two laboratories in which I have ever performed that experiment were the house in which I grew up, which had Dad in the picture until his death when I was fourteen, and the house in which my children were raised.  And in both cases, Mom's work was never finished.  Now, even with our two a time zone or two away in their own households, it still never appears to be finished.  And nary a complaint shall be heard.  Not then.  Not now.  Not ever.  

I am now and have admittedly been for the entirety of my life a "Momma's Boy".  Mom, now rapidly working her way to her mid-80's, is without exception the bravest person I have ever known and quite possibly the greatest teacher I have ever had.  The further removed I am from my childhood the more I realize just how many of the lessons she taught me when I was a boy I continue to carry with me on my day-to-day.  I know not where I would be without them or without having had her to teach them to me.  

A number of years ago Springsteen wrote "The Wish" for his mother.  It is a song that always makes me think of Mom.  Perhaps it shall make you think of your mother too...

...and if it does, whether your mother is still alive or - as is the case for Margaret with the great Suzy B. - remains alive in your heart and in your memory, then I hope it makes you smile.

Happy Mother's Day.

Mom & Me
Florida 2013


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