Friday, May 9, 2014

His Mother's Son

All that I am or ever hope to be,
I owe to my Angel Mother.
- Abraham Lincoln

Earlier this week, the National Basketball Association handed out its 2014 Most Valuable Player Award.  This year's recipient was Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.  While I have a negligible interest in professional basketball I know enough about it to know that if we are choosing up teams and you let me have LeBron James and Kevin Durant on my side, then my team will win an overwhelming majority of our games even if the other three players are me and two guys who suck even worse than I do. 

Kevin Durant is not only an exceptionally graceful basketball player, he is an exceptionally gracious young man.  And at 6'9" tall, the 25-year-old Durant proved during the awards ceremony that he is every inch his mother's son.  

The NBA has been in the news a lot these past couple of weeks.  Courtesy of the vocal stylings of Clippers now-deposed owner Donald Sterling its press has come as much for things that have taken place off of the court as for its on-court action.  Do not fall victim to the desire to paint the league and all those who earn a living in it, off of it and from it with the same broad brushstrokes as you might want to paint Sterling.  Kevin Durant is a member of the NBA too.  If we are picking teams for who gets to represent our organization - whatever that organization might be - and you allow me to pick Kevin Durant, then I like our chances for success.  In fact, I like them very, very much.   

His mother's son. 

Then.  Now.  Always. 


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