Sunday, May 25, 2014

Faith Has Been Rewarded

At the risk of being drummed out of the "Father-in-Law as Curmudgeon" Club I must confess that there are any number of things that I both like and respect about my son-in-law Ryan.  First and foremost, of course, is the fact that he loves my daughter.  One hell of a good start.  

Above and beyond that however I am now - and have been since he and Suzanne started dating (however many years ago that was) - impressed by his self-confidence and his courage.  As you know if you have popped by this space at some point in time earlier than this very day - or you have had the occasion to spend at least forty-seven seconds talking with my wife - Ryan and Suzanne currently reside in the state where the stars at night are big and bright, which luminence does little to offset the corresponding lack thereof emanating from the Governor's office.  The commencement of their married life from that outpost is directly related to a decision that Ryan made slightly less than three years ago.  

Ryan is a finance guy.  My criminally limited intellectual abilities prevent me from describing what it is my son-in-law does in any greater detail than that.  He has explained to me not less than 1 million times.  It remains beyond my ability to comprehend.  Anyway, through the first half of 2011 he was doing what he does here in the State of Concrete Gardens and - if memory serves - feeling a bit frustrated both by what he was doing and where it was he was doing it.  So, when a friend who lives and works in the Houston area called him and made him aware of an opportunity there, Ryan did what he does.  He considered it carefully from every conceivable angle.  Then, and only then, did he decide to pursue it.  

His pursuit of it, which was successful, required him to pack the contents of his life in the only part of the country he had ever really known into his Jeep and head 1,800 or so miles away on down to Houston town.  In doing so, he left not only his home but also his family and Suzanne behind.  

His willingness to relocate halfway across the country to take his shot paid off.  He has been working doing something he enjoys in a place where he enjoys doing it for the past three years, all the while raising his profile in his field with an eye towards finding an even-more interesting position back in the New York metropolitan area.  Just last week, Ryan flew up to New Jersey for a quick final visit with a very prestigious, well-known firm in his industry that has hired him to become part of its Short Hills, New Jersey operations.  He and Suzanne shall be back home here in the State of Concrete Gardens within the next thirty to sixty days. 

It is good when good things happen to good people.  It is a great thing when it happens to a good person who you happen to love and who happens to be a part of your family.  What my son-in-law did three years ago took stones of church bell dimensions to do.  Truth be told, I would not have had neither nor the conviction to do what he did.    It is often said that a person makes his own luck.  Ryan did just that.  For that I shall be forever impressed.

And he has brought Suzanne back home into the time zone as her mother, for which I shall be forever grateful. 


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