Monday, May 19, 2014

Days Like These

Here in the State of Concrete Gardens our winters tend to be quite wintry and our summers gravitate towards being brutal in terms of both temperature and sweaty sock-like quality of the air.  If you are a runner as I am then you simply deal with the conditions.  They exist.  Whining about them will not make them go away.  Nor will it do anything to make them easier to handle.  The best course of action, it seems to me, is simply to deal with them.

And dealing with the rough conditions brings its own reward.  Perhaps ten to twelve weeks each year (six in the Fall and six in the Spring) offer the possibility of simply idyllic conditions in which to run.  We are fast approaching the conclusion of the Spring session and it has been nothing short of spectacular.  This weekend - as I have had the opportunity to do each weekend for the past month and a half or so - I spent a portion of my Saturday and my Sunday running through the streets 'NTSG with a hop in my step and a smile on my face. 

You have to enjoy days such as these.  They are too few and far between.  And when they are gone, gone is where they remain.  So take advantage of them while they are available and smile at the memory of them in the days to follow.



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