Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chia Town

Summer arrived at the Shore this weekend.  The Missus and I drove down to Manasquan on Friday night to hang out with Lynne and Gidg in advance of Saturday morning's Spring Lake Five Mile Run.  'Squan is among our favorite places.  It seems as if every trip there involves each of us keeping an eye open for "For Sale" signs and the like.  Happiness shall be when the opportunity presents itself to remove the word 'future' from the phrase 'future home'.  Soon.  Not today.  But soon.

We make enough trips to 'Squan between Labor Day and Memorial Day that we have a fairly good understanding of what the "off season" looks.  As we pulled into town on Friday night we were reminded of the difference a day makes.  And in this case, the day is Memorial Day. 

There is nothing quite like the unofficial start of summer to kick start life at the Jersey Shore.  For the past eight months Lynne's neighborhood has been a ghost town - occupied only by the good people such as Lynne who call 'Squan home.  Friday night however the summer renters arrived in force.  The volume of people and the volume associated with those people rose exponentially.

Saturday morning after we returned to 'Squan from the race in Spring Lake, it was as if the entire town had awakened from its long winter's nap.  And experience teaches us that it is a state of consciousness that shall remain in full force and effect for the next ninety days or so. 

The Jersey Shore.  Home to the Chia Town...

...just add Summer.


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