Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Foot Soldier in the Army of Joyous Noise

There is no insanity quite like the insanity of the Spring Lake Five Mile Run.  Summer at the Shore does indeed begin this morning.  And with upwards of 10,000 people in the starting area jostling for position, an overhead shot of Ocean Avenue will bear an uncanny resemblance to an overhead shot of the Parkway southbound at or about the Raritan Toll Plaza.  Speaking of which, here is to all you lunatics who refuse to break down and get E-Z Pass.  Continue to embrace the smell of exhaust fumes as you sit in the cash and/or exact change lanes.  The Missus and I shall wave to you as we fly past you in the E-Z Pass lanes. 

This event has become an annual rite of Summer for me.  The first mile of this race is a battle for survival - working one's way towards open space in the crowd of runners so that one can run in a fairly unencumbered manner.  If history is any guide, then it shall take me just until about the one-mile mark to break free from all traffic jams and simply run as if I was out for a run by myself on a Saturday morning.  A bit of an annoyance but not worth bypassing the event.  Not even close. 

If you too shall be on the streets of Spring Lake this morning, then I hope your run is a good one as well. 


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