Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Taking Pride in Ownership

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living.
The world owes you nothing.  It was here first.
- Mark Twain

I wish I had my daughter's enthusiasm and her energy.  Hell, with just half of it pulsating through my veins who knows the things of which I would be capable.  I do not.  Thus, I am not.  Such is life. 

Suzanne has so much energy that she considers it not to be a waste of even a drop of it to answer directly the self-pitying, whiny bag cries of those she knows well.  Not everyone has it in their DNA to yell "FRAUD!" when in the presence of such a character.  Suzanne does. 

Just the other day, her Irish was way up courtesy of blubbering she came across in the form of Facebook posts of a man several years younger than she is and whom she has known for the entirety of his life.  A young man who could order the "Excuse of the Day" everyday at Life's Luncheonette and rarely, if ever, have to order the same thing twice.  A young man who consistently turns adversity into an alibi and not an opportunity.  One who has wanted for little, who has been given much (too much in the unsolicited view of a fellow to whom I bear an uncanny resemblance) and who has appreciated nothing.  

Candidly, I am of the opinion that Suzanne's rather bracing wake-up call will ultimately fall upon deaf ears.  Once one casts himself in the role of "victim", he finds it damn hard to resist the siren's song of typecasting.  For his sake, I hope I am wrong.  And for his sake, I hope at some point he raises his head from the trough of self-pity long enough to appreciate that the medicine Suzanne dispensed to him from the tough-love apothecary was (a) good advice; and (b) something that should have been said to him years ago and probably by one or both of the people who brought him into this world.  It was not.  Given my limited access to the WABAC Machine that is a bell that I certainly cannot unring.  Your prospects for success are not much better. 

Among the really smart advice Suzanne gave him was "Own it".  This is your life after all.  It is not a dress rehearsal for something yet to come.  It is a one-time only, single-elimination event.  Refusal to accept responsibility for your actions, for your decisions, for your own effing existence does not fool anyone else.  We know that it is you who is responsible for you.  Always has been.  Always will be.  Stop making excuses and start making a difference. 

It takes no greater effort to be accountable than it does to be a douche.  Unwedge your head from your ass, break up the self-pity party and get on with it.  No one owes you anything.  

Decide what to be...

...and go be it. 

Smart woman my daughter. 

I reckon she gets that from her mother....



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