Monday, April 21, 2014

Pretty Cool Stuff

It seems to me - although I was not involved in any of the shenanigans - as if this weekend saw the final pre-marriage event Jess and Rob have on their docket (not counting their respective bachelor/ette romps) before "The Big Day" arrives in early June.  Saturday was the bridal shower.  The Missus and the Texas Tornado attended and as I understand it a good time was had by all.  Pretty cool stuff. 

Perhaps the weddings of my two children excite me more than one would otherwise anticipate - given my otherwise well-entrenched status as a curmudgeon - because of the fact that (barring a lightning strike or some such thing between now and June's first Friday) I have lived to see both of them get married.  I am not an old man by any stretch and my piss-poor performance in the Unite Half-Marathon a week ago Sunday notwithstanding I am in pretty good shape, so I mean not to be overly morbid.  At the risk of disappointing many, principally my wife I fear, I have no particular reason to believe I am just about to trip the mortal coil.  

But as someone who was fourteen years old and approximately one week shy of completing the eighth grade when my father died, the whole notion of being here to watch my children enjoy adulthood seems at times surreal.  I am enjoying the whole process very, very much.  It is as if I have the best seats in the house for a show that I did not think would ever be available for viewing in my world and which, since it started, has exceeded my expectations.

Pretty cool stuff indeed. 


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