Thursday, April 17, 2014

Living the Life You Have Imagined

My old bones are feeling it a bit today.  At least it is a good thing that has me running on fumes:  the Texas Tornado and Ryan have made landfall here in the State of Concrete Gardens for a couple of days.  While happiness is not always a run to the airport to pick someone up at 11:45 PM when one's day starts at 2:45 AM, it is always great to see the Texas branch of the family tree. 

I have likely already seen Suzanne more than I shall for the remainder of the weekend.  She and the Missus are buzzing from point-to-point this weekend.  Their schedule today is fairly jam-packed - although at gun point I could not recite either (a) a single destination to which they are headed; or (b) an estimated arrival time at any of them. 

The occasion for this visit is a happy one for my little crew.  Saturday afternoon is the bridal shower for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law Jessica.  Margaret and Suzanne are, of course, going to help Jess, her mom Denise and her sisters Sara and Beth celebrate the day.  Jess is the oldest daughter in her family and is the first of the trio to get married.  Big doings indeed.  I smile at the thought of how much I enjoyed watching Margaret and Suzanne enjoy this process and at the thought as to how I hope Jess and Denise and the rest of the crew are enjoying the hell of this. 

A terrific young woman.  Eight weeks from tomorrow she shall marry my son.  Our invitation arrived in the mail earlier this week.  They are getting married on a Friday evening on the beach.  Note to self:  Need to take at least the afternoon off to make it to the beach on time.

Relax.  I am kidding.  I am as likely to miss the wedding of my son as I would have been to have missed the wedding of my daughter, which is to say that had I been dead I would not have been more than a minute or two late. 

I have but one of him.  I sleep well knowing that he has found himself such an extraordinary traveling companion.  As has she.  

Speaking of sleep.  I am counting the minutes to day's end so I can go home and grab myself some.  It may be a happy day but it is still shaping up as one hell of a long one. 


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