Saturday, April 19, 2014

Direction and Pace

It was on this very date in 2008 that I stumbled upon a playground for the voices rattling around in my head.  The purpose of this exercise now - as it was then - was not the quest for self-indulgence (although I am certain it seems that way more often than for example) but the quest for peace.  I presumed then as now that the ability to cobble together some semblance of peace between my ears shall make me less of an unbearable prick of misery for the rest of the world - or at least those who also occupy my little corner of it - to endure. 

The fact that anyone other than me takes the time to read what is written here - on any day let alone on most days - I find quite stunning.  I appreciate those who do and especially those who comment upon what is written here.  I must confess that sometimes when I read the comments I am reminded just how wonderfully subjective an art the interpretation of the written word is for there are days when what is gleaned from the comments to what I have written and the basis for what I have written share little to no common ground.  It matters not.  The only thoughts I hold title to are my own.  You who read them in their reduced to writing form are free to interpret them as you see fit. 

Today is Record Store Day, which is inarguably more important than anything happening 'round here.  If music is important to you and your schedule today affords you time to do so, then check it out at a record store near you.  Hopefully you still have at least one within a reasonable distance from your home or office.  Here is the link to the Record Store Day website, which provides you information as to what stores are participating and what is for sale:

I shall be here tomorrow.  If you are too, then we shall chat again.  This is a journey of indeterminate length.  I know not when it shall reach its natural stopping point.  I do know however that today is not that day. 

Until then...


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