Tuesday, April 15, 2014


In this world nothing can be said to be certain,
except Death and Taxes...
- Benjamin Franklin

My old bones woke up yesterday morning a bit sorer than usual.  Par for the course I suppose.  Any time I run in a race longer than five miles I really feel it in my bones the following day.  Fortunately what I felt yesterday morning was not pain.  It was simply soreness.  It was as if my legs were reminding the rest of me just how much effort they had exerted on Sunday morning and that no matter how much my brain may try to persuade them to the contrary, they are not as young as they once were. 

Today is the first full day of Passover.  I hope that one and all of Jewish faith enjoy a happy holiday.  I am not a spiritual man and while "faith in a higher power" is not something that I espouse (unless Guinness might be considered a higher power) I respect that there are countless people who do.  For Jews and Catholics alike, this week is a big one on the calendar.  While I shall - as I do annually - be sitting this one out, may it bring to those of you who observe it the peace that you seek from it. 

Today is also Income Tax Day here in these United States.  I hope against hope, year after year that this year shall be the one on which the tax man passes me over.  Alas, it never is.  I used to root for him to give me something back but several years ago I decided that it would be enough for me if he just allowed me to break even.  Just once.  While that day may in fact come at some point in time, it has not yet arrived. 

Hmmm... I wonder if I can take a deduction for money spent on Advil, ice packs and Ben-Gay?  Note to self:  Check with accountant for next year's taxes.  Depending upon how much pain I am willing to subject myself to, that day may be closer than I think.

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