Friday, April 4, 2014

By the Light of the Full Red Moon

I think that love is so much easier than you realize
If you can give yourself to someone, then you should.
- Dawes "A Little Bit of Everything"

It was just about seven months ago that one of my life's great joys, Suzanne, married her life's greatest joy.  Today my son-in-law Ryan (or "SIL" as we call him - always when he is out of earshot because he is a pretty big cat and we have not yet properly assessed his level of enthusiasm for this sobriquet) is celebrating his birthday.  Here's to hoping it is a happy one.

One of your greatest concerns as a parent is the happiness or emotional well-being of your children.  I am enough of a sexist to admit that I was always more concerned about it with regard to Suz than I ever was with regard to Rob.  He is a guy after all.  Maybe it is just a "Dad" thing.  As the Dad, one of the sacred responsibilities entrusted to you is the protection of your daughter.  You spend more than a few sleepless nights worrying about whether she will - when the time comes - find the right partner with whom to share her life. 

By all accounts, Suzanne has done better than fine in that department.  As might I add Ryan has as well.  Being married to the original model, I find myself smiling sometimes listening to Margaret's recaps of her nightly telephone conversations with the Texas Tornado.  It sounds to me as if ol' SIL, who is also one really smart cat, has just the right approach when it comes to enjoying the day-to-day with the Gen-2 to whom he is wed.   

A cause for celebration.  

Especially today.  Happy Birthday Ryan.  And thank you for allowing this old man to sleep a bit easier than I used to.



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