Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Wish For Every Season

It seems appropriate - to me at least - that the Yankees begin their 2014 regular season today.  This shall be the first game of Derek Jeter's farewell season.  Today is Rob's birthday.  In this year, the final one that Jeter shall play for a team for which he first started playing in 1996, both Jeter and Rob are on the cusp of big things.  At season's end, Jeter shall retire.  In a bit more than two months, Rob shall take Jess as his bride.  Jeter is the one having the farewell tour.  Rob is the one having one hell of a year. 

I did my best from the time Rob was a little boy to not bog him down with too much paternal advice.  While talking too much has been an affliction of mine since I was a little boy, I pride myself on knowing what I know and trying not to speak too often on things of which I know little.  As anyone who knows me will readily acknowledge, I have never suffered from a surplus of humility - false or otherwise.  When I say that I had little role in Rob's day-to-day when he was a child, I speak the truth.  It is not an exaggeration to say that I drove the car and did my part to make sure that we had money in the bank to pay the bills.  Other than that I stayed out of the way as the Missus, Rob and Suz did their thing.  I think it worked out well for all concerned.

I smile however at the thought that my son took to heart one piece of paternal advice I dispensed to him - unsolicited of course - a couple of summers back after his mother and I had dinner at the River House in Brielle.  We dined that night with Rob and Jess.  This June we shall dine with them there again - at their rehearsal dinner the night before they are married.  I shall not remind him of my one piece of good advice.  No need.  He took it to heart. 

My son is an extraordinary man.  Today is his birthday.  I hope that today - and everyday - he gets all that he deserves.  He has earned it. 

And that is a thought that brings a smile to my face as well.  As it always has.  As it always shall. 



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