Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Fiona Apple Smile

As people who watched a high percentage of its episodes over the nine years that it aired on CBS, the Missus and I watched the "How I Met Your Mother" series finale on Monday night.  Did the way in which the series ended necessarily thrill me?  No, although I did think Ted Mosby waking up in bed next to Bob Newhart and sharing with him the crazy dream he had just had was a nice tip of the cap to a comic genius. 

I am kidding of course.  It turned out that after nine years of build-up the folks who created the show finally revealed the show's full title, which was "How I Met Your Mother, Wooed Your Mother, Married Your Mother, Buried Your Mother & Ultimately Ended Up With The Girl I Declared My Love For In The Very First Episode Nine Years Ago". 

And somewhere Fiona Apple smiles. 

Oh wait, I forgot to write "SPOILER ALERT!" a couple of paragraphs back.  Actually, I did not forget.  I simply do not care enough to feign concern as to whether you have watched this particular episode or not.  Unless this is your first visit here, I reckon you were already familiar with my point of view on this issue.

But I digress. 

From the outpouring of rather angry reactions across the social media spectrum one might have thought for a moment that at some point shortly before the series faded to black on Monday night, the creators of the show killed Cristin Miloti, who was cast in the role of "The Mother", and not simply her character.  I have it on very good authority that young Ms. Miloti is alive and well.  James Lipton told me so himself.  

Candidly I found the reaction to the manner in which the creators of the series wrapped it up to be anything from hilarious to almost terrifying.  It is, after all, a television show.  That is all.   An ensemble of actors playing characters.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Yet people used words such as "betrayal" to describe how they felt when, before their very eyes on Monday night, they saw that their vision for how this piece of fiction should end did not coincide with that of the guys who created it.  

In a typical election - in a non-Presidential election year - we the people are so awash in apathy that less than 1/3 of us registered to vote actually take the time to do so (a figure that rises only to the neighborhood of 1/2 of us in a Presidential election year).  Nice to see that people actually have a passion for something.  If only it was something more compelling than fictional television characters and the person or persons who created them. 

 And somewhere David Chase smiles.


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