Monday, March 24, 2014

We Came, We Banged, We Smashed

You may feel free to enjoy, beginning today and from every day forward, the writings of "World Record Holder" Adam Kenny.  On Saturday morning, the Missus and I - and our teammates on "Bang Her & Smash" - as well as close to 2500 other participants put forth a record-setting effort in the Jersey Shore Kilt Run.

Partial Team Photo of "Bang Her & Smash"

As of last evening, the event's organizers had not yet received confirmation from the Guinness people whether the manner in which they conducted the event passed official muster.  The only "glitch" would be the organizers' decision to not take a head count at the conclusion of the race after scanning all participants at the beginning and, thereafter, filming the first couple of hundred meters of the race to document those who walked and ran.  Apparently those who maintain the record book prefer a head count being taken at the beginning AND at the end of the event. 

Unless and until someone officially informs me that I am not a world-record holder, I intend to refer to myself as a "World Record Holder" at every opportunity.  In fact, this morning I am supposed to start trial in Middlesex County before the Hon. Martin Kravarik.  Once we get a jury empanelled and proceed to opening statements, I intend to work it into mine. 

No one on "Bang Her & Smash" had a better day than I did on Saturday.  I woke up as a lawyer.  I went to bed as a world-record holder.  It took me more than forty-seven years to do it, but I had finally made my mother proud.

Pete Gonzalez - Keeping Calm & Chiving On


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