Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Unbuilt Bridges and Unfilled Chasms

A lot of interesting stuff - not to mention a lot of wholly uninteresting stuff - happened while I was sitting with my ass in the sand the final week of February.  Our good friend Mr. Putin celebrated the closing of the Sochi Olympics by commencing an event that had not been included on the official Olympic Program:  Ukraine Invasion.  I reckon that it what we get for packaging American television programs for sale as DVD sets.  Once Comrade Vlad heard Cosmo Kramer's declaration that "Ukraine is weak" and refer to it as "a road apple", he figured why the hell not invade it.  After all, it is located right next door.  Clearly he knows that the three most important things in real estate are location, location [and] location. 

Speaking of the Olympics, in view of the fact that two of the three medal favorites (a/k/a "Teams with Highest Number of NHL Players on Roster") failed to earn a medal in ice hockey, maybe just maybe we can go back to sending college kids and non-NHL players to carry the national flag?  The United States laughed and laughed when Russia flamed out in the quarterfinals and failed to medal....right up until our own high-priced NHL talent failed to score a single goal against either Canada or Finland in our final two games, which guaranteed that the American team, much like their Russian counterparts, would come home sans medals.  Finland waxed the United States 5-0 in the Bronze Medal Game, which was played on the thirty-fourth anniversary of the Miracle on Ice - a game in which the winning goal was scored by the American team captain, Mike Eruzione, who never played a single minute in the NHL.  Not one. 

The piece of news that came across the projector in my mind's eye and which struck me the saddest of all was the death of Harold Ramis.  Ramis was a genius - a talented peformer, writer and director.  He died at sixty-nine.  I reckon that - selfishly of course - the thing that struck me saddest of all about his death was that it ensured no professional reconciliation between Ramis and his one time brother in belly laughs Bill Murray.  The two parted ways - acrimoniously apparently - when they wrapped Groundhog Day more than two decades ago.  According to some of the press reports I read, it appeared as if Murray and Ramis had spent some time together during the final few months of Ramis's life as Ramis was in the final stages of batting the autoimmune disease that killed him and had, reportedly, reached at least a degree of detente.  Judging by Murray's tribute to Ramis during Sunday night's Academy Awards, it certainly appeared as if they had found their way back to some common ground while they were still able to do so.


I hope they did.

Whether the distance between two people is an inch or a mile, once death claims one of them they lose the ability to build a bridge or to fill the chasm.  It disappears forever.  All that is left is distance....

....and, I suppose, regret.  


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