Saturday, March 1, 2014

Those Things That Matter

Slightly less than six months ago was one of the single greatest days of my life.  The older of my two kids, Suzanne, married Ryan.  It was a spectacular day not simply because Suzanne was a beautiful bride, which she was, or because everything about their ceremony and their reception was pitch-perfect, which it was.  Those things were important but none of them were what made the day so memorable.

It is an almost incomprehensible feeling to view one's daughter, on her wedding day, wearing her wedding gown.  It is a feeling that I know not how to explain either other than to say it is a great a feeling as one can feel. 

My two kids grew to adulthood knowing well enough to ignore at least 90% of everything that comes out of my mouth in terms of parental advice.  It is an approach that served them well.  Nevertheless that did not stop me from dispensing just a little bit of advice to Suzanne and Ryan on their wedding day. 

Lawyers talk too goddamn much so I did not say it to them aloud.  I simply wrote it where they could read it should they ever be so inclined.  I know not whether they have but I know that every now and again, I take a look at what I wrote that morning.  I do it because it reminds me of that day.  That is a place I like to revisit every now and then - even if just for a minute or three - because it serves as a milepost of the spot where all good things come together.  I also do it because I think, surprisingly enough, it really is good advice. 

And it is nice to be reminded of it every now and again.  It makes it easier for me to remember to follow it too....


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