Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunshine She's Here

Congratulations fellow inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere and most particularly anyone who lives in a postal code that was introduced on at least one occasion this winter to the term "Polar Vortex"!  We have made it.  The Winter of 2013-14 is officially over. 

Everyone's favorite Equinox, Vernal, arrives today.  Irrespective of how warm - or not - it turns out to be today here in the State of Concrete Gardens his mere appearance on the scene, coming as it does after a winter that seemed as if Morgan Spurlock had super-sized it, could not be more welcome.

I cannot tell a lie.  My first day of Spring shall feel a hell of a lot nicer if my beloved Buffaloes are able to find away to defeat the Pitt Panthers in the first round of the NCAA Tournament this afternoon - with the winner's reward being served up to Tournament #1 overall seed Florida on Saturday.  But even should my Alma mater's rather remarkable season come to an end today in Orlando, Florida, it shall not put a permanent crimp in my mood.  For at long last Spring has arrived.  We have been sprung from our Winter of Hell. 

It is enough to make even a grouch like me happy....


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