Friday, March 14, 2014

Make Mine Pecan

It is possible that I know less about mathematics and science than any person alive on the planet.  Yet in celebration of the fact that today is "Pi Day" and in view of the fact that I shall spend a significant portion of my day at the Historic Court House in Newark biting down hard on my tongue in an effort to avoid having just this conversation over and over and over with my adversary, this cartoon testimonial to this day seemed apropos. 

However you shall spend your Pi Day, make it a good one.  Take a moment today and raise a glass - or a calculator - to George and Weezy.  Damn good people, those Jeffersons.  Not to mention people who truly had an appreciation for the value of Pi.  

Or was it Pie?  

It matters not. 

Either way it was one hell of a theme song....


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