Monday, March 31, 2014

Law School & Everything After

Mother Nature thou art a cruel bitch.  All I needed yesterday - after having been at the office for a four-hour trial preparation blitzkrieg that began at 5 AM (and served as the "other shoe" to the seven-hour day I spent at the shop on Saturday) - was it to stop raining long enough for me to get a chance to take a lengthy run through the streets of my pseudo-hometown.  Nothing more.  Did I get it?  Of course not.  Murphy was indeed an Irishman.

Happiness is not spending every day this week in the construction-created clusterf*ck that is the part of Jersey City in the immediate vicinity of the Brennan Court House - especially since in an effort to make it possible for people to get in and out of the area, the Presiding Judge of the Vicinage, the Hon. Peter Bariso modified the hours of operation at the court so that closing time is now 6 PM.  I am so looking forward to a week's worth of getting home at 8 PM after spending all day on trial.  There are times when I really wish I had possessed sufficient math or science skills to have been able to earn a living doing something other than practicing law.  This is one of those times.  Perhaps I shall be pleasantly surprised and a matter that has seemed to have no reasonable likelihood of resolving itself without being tried to verdict will do so.  If not, then at least I will spend the week matching wits with an adversary who I both like personally and admire professionally.

Maybe in my next life I will come back as a man with a brain. 


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